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ceramic edition.

the ceramic edition explores the concept of useable art.

when i heard that several boxes of ceramic plates were going to be thrown out or used for skeet shooting, i jumped at the opportunity to repurpose them. they became my canvas.

using a combination of ink, alcohol, and combustible heat, i began to play with different colors and abstract forms. rather than impressing a preconceived image on each plate, i let the materials guide me. each piece captures a unique and reflective interaction between me and the materials.

the ceramic edition is a study in colour. some pieces explore one colour in varying concentrations and opacities. other pieces combine colours to create effect of contrast and synergy.

many people hang their plates as decorative art installments. others take advantage of the functionality of these pieces and use them to serve food. for no extra charge, plates can be treated and made food safe.

please email with inquiries.

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