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i thank you for your support.

as a creative, designing is both a passion and a livelihood. which is why i am turning to a monthly subscription model to help fund my creative endeavours.


by subscribing to my monthly membership, not only are you showing your support for my artistry, but you're also investing in my ability to continue creating. as a subscriber, you can enjoy perks like: 10% off all art on my website, a monthly studio update emailer, and after 12 months of donations, a special limited edition print as a thank you for your continued support.


your subscription can help me explore new mediums, purchase materials, and attend workshops and exhibitions to further hone my craft. with your support, i can take risks, experiment, and produce new and exciting pieces that may not have been possible otherwise.


not only will you be supporting a creative passion, but you'll also have the opportunity to add unique and meaningful pieces to your art collection. i thank you for your consideration.

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help me create more art!

  • THOMNI Subscription

    Every month
    support a creative, get cool perks!
    • 10% off all art.
    • monthly email with studio update.
    • after 12 months of subscription, 1 limited edition print.
    • more to come!
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